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With our proprietary technology, EPTAM utilizes laser processing equipment to enable efficient manufacturing, customization, automation, and quick adaptation to current industry trends. With fully customized software and in-house laser integration, EPTAM Precision Solutions can control and change “ON THE FLY” laser parameters and process characteristics. This opens the possibility of laser processing different materials of varying thicknesses that respond well to utilizing laser cutting technology and a variety of laser process materials. EPTAM Precision Solutions’ next generation of Laser Tube cutting technology will enhance micromachining processes that deliver high-quality, high-precision, medical components which support devices used in neurovascular, cardiovascular, and diagnostic medical procedures.

Differentiated Technology

Unique process and capabilities

Laser Marking and Engraving

EPTAM Precision Laser R&D provides, process and integration:

1. Tube cutters 3, 4, 5 axis

2. Welder

3. Part markers including picosecond.

4. Custom laser centric automation solutions

5. Proto-type low volume runs

Laser Cutting


Some of our work

EPTAM Precision Laser

EPTAM Precision has two unique Laser facilities, Laser Research and Development (R&D) and Laser Production.

EPTAM Connecticut facility

EPTAM Precision Laser R&D is located in Connecticut. With the rapidly evolving laser industry, current practices are rapidly being replaced by next-generation technologies. By investing in a dedicated Laser R&D location, EPTAM Precision Solutions, already a leader in medical-based manufacturing is well positioned to maintain its cutting-edge technology with its Laser R&D team comprised of knowledge-leading, talented, industry professionals. EPTAM Precision Solutions is evolving Position Synchronized Output technology combined with both time-based and vector-based processing techniques. This new energy generation process control uses Laser Pulse Modulation (LPM) enhanced by EPTAM’s Programmable Pulse Generator (PPG) to deliver the bare minimum of laser energy required to yield an accurate and precise result.

EPTAM Colorado facility

EPTAM Precision Metal/Laser, a dedicated metal machining, assembly, pack, and laser processing high volume facility, is situated in Colorado Springs. The facility is fully equipped to handle millions of units per year within an ISO 13485 facility, servicing the world’s leading OEM’s. Additionally, the location provides all of the secondary support processing necessary to support your Laser enabled technology and project, including metrology, passivation, swaging, Swiss turning, packaging, over-molding, and cleaning. EPTAM has been building a fleet of Laser Part Markers, 4 and 5th axis Tube Cutters, and Welders over the past 3 years and is now ready to take on your immediate production needs.


“EPTAM built Laser production from a position of strength, from the established, ideally located and highly respected facility, EPTAM Precision Metals, in Colorado Springs Colorado. EPTAM Precision Laser adds EPTAM developed differentiating Laser processing technology adding additional capability and value to our current and future customers."

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