The highly demanding industries of space, aerospace and defense have long been a long of EPTAM. The constant efforts to reduce design and development cycles, increase quality while also increasing production efficiency has been a constant for our entire team.
EPTAM’s wide array of rapid development and manfanufacturing capabilities makes our company uniquely positioned to control component supply chains, improving on deliverability and reliability. Our experts cross manufacturing substrates and media which provides the most unique and intelligent view of how to better facilitate development and cost constrols.

The project management team at EPTAM will facilitate all aspects of a job from development and live simulation testing with your team to change management. Manufacturing parts for this sector requires a high degree of focus on requirements, guidelines, and regulations.

Our expertise encompasses a diverse range of projects, From satellite and rocket Parts design to autonomous robot technology and planetary exploration.

Rapid Development

A core offering of EPTAM are our four dedicated rapid development centers across the United States. These locations are not production facilities and purely focus on the product development cycle. They are fully equipped to improve on design engineering, ensure design for manufacturing goals are met, and provide live simulation parts within a fast turnaround. Our experts will identify design gaps and priorities, source recommend and implement the right material selections, and save you time.

Let EPTAM help you with your demands for time-to-market reduction and supply chain reliabilty.

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