Structural Heart

EPTAM is a medical device manufacturer capable of machining the most complex components needed for cardiovascular or endovascular surgeries and treatments. Our team’s combined experience spans over decades and has the expertise in minimally invasive technologies that engineers seek in partnerships. Our vertical integration allows to make the components using our micro machine, laser cutting, laser welding, insert molding and final assembly.  We can even and package your devices. These parts are used across the spectrum of medical equipment, used in the vascular, congenital, and structural heart devices.

Our core capabilities in endovascular or cardiovascular medical devices include:

Advances in Catheter Systems

The experts at EPTAM have pushed innovation and combined our skills to produce leading single-use advanced catheter systems. We develop and manufacture to exact specifications, and work alongside your design and development team to ensure manufacturability and quality measurements will be efficient and effective.

EPTAM is always looking out for your business. The readi group can assist with rapid development and testing. Our supply chain management team will ensure material sourcing is consistent and available. And, our manufacturing teams work collaboratively with our quality assurance group. Most importantly, all these efforts are conducted with cost and efficiency at the top of mind. EPTAM has designed and built, in-house automation and technologies to assist with all aspects. This effort is purely to reduce manufacturing time, reduce waste, and improve quality outputs, all while improving the cost for our customers.

For Interventional And Structural Heart Parts:

EPTAM offers the most diverse capabilities with the best cost controls and quality.

Rapid Development

Real-time Engineering and Development for Implementation is our solution to moving from concept to viable implementation. This process empowers our customers to move more quickly from development to full-scale production. We reserve four locations across the United States each with unique prototyping capabilities and specialized engineering and sciences experience. Unlike many, we reserve these centers purely for our readi work. Your new projects are never delayed because of production demand on equipment.