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Surgical instrumentation and implants continue to get smaller and more precise every day. EPTAM is one of the few manufacturers driving innovation and success for this market. Whether it’s providing tight-tolerance MIS devices and parts – including laparoscopic instrumentation systems, cutting devices, and endoscopic / arthroscopic assemblies.
EPTAM is the trusted partner for OEM manufacturers across our comprehensive MIS lines because of our rapid development and DFM collaborations, consistent performance, complex and diverse manufacturing processes, and precision results.

Areas of Manufacturing Expertise:


Minimally Invasive and Robotic SurgiCal

Endoscopy Applications

Interventional ​

Expertise Drives Technology

The vast expertise across EPTAM’s footprint for metal and plastics is impressive. What’s even more impressive is how this expertise has overcome thousands of customer design to manufacturing challenges. Our team pushes the capabilities of manufacturing equipment, and innovates around methodologies to improve performance to produce unequalled results.
All manufacturing processes from machining and injection to laser and additive have rapidly evolved in the last decade. Our ability to machine the thousands of different miniature components in plastic, titanium, stainless steel, nickel, and Nitinol continues to change each day with new scientific developments.

Precision Accuracy For Better Patient Outcomes

We maintain high production of complex contour milled stainless steel components with slots, serrated teeth, and cross holes. With each component dimension being less than 0.035″

The EPTAM team is ready to create manufacturing processes, and to test those processes for your novel geometries. Our team shares a unique mindset. They seek to achieve the impossible, and know it must be proven to be implemented for reliable manufacturing. Our machinists and QC inspectors are fully comfortable working with components that are only truly visible with magnification.
Furthering EPTAM’s value to customers is our unique ability to create automated inspections either post-production or in-line with live production. This further increases efficiencies and reduces waste, and improves the overall program cost and performance for customers.

Leading User Of Exotic Materials

Customers are constantly seeking new opportunities to differentiate themselves in the market. EPTAM is no different. Material selection has a major impact on manufacturability and part performance. Finding the right balance is important, but yielding even greater results in both areas through unique material selection or development is even more important.

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