Plastics Machining for the Semiconductor Industry

Plastic semiconductor components fabricated by EPTAM meet or exceed the critical requirements of the semiconductor industry. Polymers such as HDPE, Delrin, ECTFE, VESPEL, PVDF, and PEEK are key solutions.

EPTAM’s clean, climate-controlled manufacturing center is the right place to produce and assemble critical components for the semiconductor industry. Our facilities manufacture chemically resistant materials to exact tolerances and geometries – all designed to exclusively to support your needs.

EPTAM’s best-in-class technology is backed by our Advanced Semiconductor Polymer Design Engineering Support for DFM with FMEA practice.

Key Semiconductor Plastics Solutions

EPTAM is experienced in all engineering aspects of plastic semiconductor materials, including thermo-sets, thermo-plastics, and high-altitude / high-temperature (HPHT) materials.
EPTAM engineers will help you determine the best plastic material to meet the thermal, strength, wear, and non-corrosive requirements of your semiconductor application, while taking into account the other chemicals and materials to which it may become exposed.

Semiconductor plastic materials include:

Capacity and Scalability

The market demands urgent response, steady supply chain access, and scalability. EPTAM addresses each of these demands with a structured approach.

Semiconductor Plastic Applications

Our team is highly skilled in producing parts for the semi-conductur industry. Including the use of polymers such as HDPE, Delrin, Teflon, Techtron, Ultem PEEK and VESPEL.
Semiconductor plastics applications include

EPTAM’s Manufacturing Center employs dedicated 3, 5, and 7-axis plastics-machining capabilities, along with dry-machining techniques or wet bench coolants that will not contaminate or chemically attack plastic material as oil-based fluids may.

EPTAM’s dedicated engineering and quality resources only enhance our focus on the critical requirements of the industry.

Dry Machining

7- and 5-axis plastics-machining capabilities employ dry-machining techniques that will not contaminate or chemically attack plastic parts.

Cellular Manufacturing Environment

Manufacturing cells and employee specialization deliver consistent quality control, ensure the most efficient work flow, and permit customers’ products to run on any number of machines without costly tooling changes.

To support our unique plastics manufacturing capabilities, EPTAM is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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