Implants Industry

EPTAM’s market focus has long been the medical industry. We meet a variety of demands including the rapidly growing and high-demand medical implant market. We know our work ultimately affects patients’ lives. Our team is built with dedication to ensure we have a positive impact on those individuals.

As the largest plastics manufacturing plant and separate facilities to meet each of the unique demands of this market, EPTAM is well-positioned to be your contract manufacturer of choice. We have designed unique divisions within EPTAM to solely service the various medical industry requirements.

We service a number of implant needs from orthopedic to heart and interventional surgeries. Our orthopedic work is market-leading with constant innovation surrounding rapid development and testing, improved operational efficiency – even realized through better design for manufacturing practices, and our automation in quality control and assurance.

Our devices help address the clinical practice needs for:

Diverse manufacturing capabilities provide a range of available implant grade materials including exotic materials such as cobalt-chromium, titanium, stainless steel alloys, ceramic, PEEK and highly linked PE polymers, as well as PLLA and TCP.

UHMW-PE® Machining for Medical Applications

UHMW-PE® devices need to meet the growing trend toward minimally invasive surgery. Medical devices manufactured with UHMW-PE® allow freedom of design to meet challenges with low profiles, superior abrasion resistance, and flexibility. Due to their superior physical and mechanical properties, cleanliness, and consistency, medically implantable grades of UHMW-PE® have become the materials of choice for articulating surfaces, helping restore a higher quality of life to millions of patients worldwide.

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Ready to Scale and Meet Demand

When you’re in market or going to market with a product you need to be assured your contract manufacturer can source, produce, and deliver on-time – every time. EPTAM has a unique structure that benefits our clients. Our team will add equipment when any single piece of equipment reaches 70% capacity. This means, we are ready to fulfill all your orders.

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