Excelling in

Large and small parts in prototype to production volumes. Eptam has years of experience and operates more than thirty 3D printers. Expertise in multiple additive technologies which include FDM, FFF, SLA, SLS, and Binder Jet. Quick turnaround and production printing in more than twenty-five different materials.

Differentiated Technology

Unique process and capabilities


Materials offer a wide range of characteristics, and EPTAM’s team of engineers and DFM specialists understand how to select and work with the proper materials. EPTAM recognizes the need for speed to market, deliverability, and supply-chain management. Fortunately, for many EPTAM customers, EPTAM’s market position and size help meet these constantly changing demands.

FDM: PLA, ABS, PC, PET, PETG, ASA, PVA, PA12. Fiber reinforced options.

FFF: PEEK, ABS, PC, Nylon.

SLS: Nylon 11/Nylon12 Glass or Carbon Fiber reinforced.

SLA: Large variety of resins, including bio-compatibles.

Binder Jet: 17-4, 316 Stainless Steel.