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Vespel® vs. Torlon®

Vespel® is a polyimide plastic that is often used in high-heat environments that cause thermoplastic materials to lose their mechanical properties. It is one of the most dynamic engineering plastics on the market and can often be found in hostile and extreme environments, such as semiconductors and virtually every jet engine.

With the ability to serve continuously at temperatures of 500ºF and to endure temperatures up to 900ºF for limited periods, Vespel® has superior thermal stability. This material is also known for excellent friction and wear characteristics, being extremely creep resistant, and having a high resistance to chemicals. Vespel® is a lightweight alternative to metal, offering high tensile (8,750 psi) and flexural (16,000 psi) strength at one-half the weight of metal.

Other characteristics of Vespel® include:

  • High impact resistance
  • Extremely high purity
  • Minimal electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Low water absorption
  • Radiation resistance
  • Low outgassing
  • Outstanding sealing characteristics when mated against metals
  • No melting point or observable glass transition temperature
  • Can endure high pressure and vacuums


Torlon® is a high-performance engineered thermoplastic that is easy to machine and can easily hold tight tolerances. This polyamide-imide plastic offers exceptional toughness, even when operating in continuous temperatures of 500ºF. Torlon® outperforms similar materials in a broad range of applications and has a lower cost than many advanced engineering plastics. It excels in chemically harsh environments, with resistance to nearly all harsh chemicals aside from some high-temperature acids and strong bases. And when it comes to strength, Torlon® is stronger at 400°F than other engineering resins at room temperature. Torlon® parts are commonly used in aerospace, chemical processing, electronics manufacturing, automotive transmissions, and bearings.

Torlon® also features:

  • High dimensional stability
  • Low creep
  • High thermal endurance
  • Superior compressive strength & impact resistance
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Tensile strength of 27,847 psi
  • Flexural strength of 35,390 psi
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Machining Vespel® and Torlon® is Our Specialty